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There’s an interesting conspiracy theory that says Hillary planned for Tim Kaine to be her Vice President for many years now and positioned the Democratic Party in order to get that done. But if that’s the case, then she probably wouldn’t have said this very embarrassing thing about her current Vice President!

Here’s what they found in “Game Change” from the 2008 election:


LOL!! If you can’t see it, she says this about Obama’s choices for a Vice President:

“Kaine and Sebelius, both which I think are terrible choices, one-in-eight chance.”

Now that there is funny.

It’s no surprise that she chose such a boring and safe Vice President pick – that is what she’s known for and that is what Democrats expected from her. But is it enough to defeat the Donald?

Here’s how the election is going for Hillary right now:

Hmmm.. maybe she should have chosen a different VP?

What do you think? Is Kaine a terrible pick for Vice President? Let us know in the comments section below!!

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