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BREAKING: Over 28,000 Hillary Emails Released by Anonymous Twitter Account!

As the media continues to freak out about the Trump campaign’s connection to Russia, Hillary Clinton just received terrible news about her persistently problematic email habits.

An anonymous Twitter user just dumped over 28,000 emails from Clinton herself on the social media platform:


If you open up the tweet, and look down through the conversation, you’ll see links to download the emails.




Note: The links above are from an anonymous account. Readers should download at their own risk.

The sleuths at Gateway Pundit are currently analyzing what the emails contain:

First, I must remain anonymous for now. I would like to forward links to files that were sent to President Trump this morning & may be a big smoking Gun re: DNC hack/Russia, etc.
I am not the originator of these files and cannot vouch for their authenticity, just passing them along. They can be found here:

The tweet links to 28.882 Hillary Clinton emails in three different formats.
We are currently analyzing this huge document dump.

UPDATE: We are looking to see if the emails in pdf form were released in a prior document dump. We are still analyzing.

H/T Gateway Pundit

Who knows what this new batch of Clinton emails will bring to light. But given all the heat the media is putting on the Trumps right now, it’s doubtful any journalist in D.C. will take this document dump seriously.

The liberal media will ignore it, and do everything they can to keep protecting Hillary.

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