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High-Ranking Senator Endorses Trump


Donald Trump continues to rack up the endorsements. He already has Christie and Brewer

and now he’s locked up an influential United States Senator.

Drudge has picked it up as well

More via Politico

Donald Trump won another major endorsement Sunday, surprising the political world when he walked onto the stage for a rally in Madison, Ala., with Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions.

Two days ahead of Super Tuesday when 11 states will cast votes, Trump continues to dominate the national airwaves and demonstrate growing support from Republican elected officials.

While Chris Christie, who threw his support behind Trump on Friday, is a pillar of the GOP establishment, Sessions is a tea party idol who helps validate the New York City billionaire with the conservative grassroots.

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Jeff Sessions is a solid conservative who has fought the President at every turn. He’s also been someone Ted Cruz has constantly mentioned as a partner on important issues…


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