Herschel Walker Takes Commanding Lead In Georgia Senate Race

Georgia’s May 24 GOP Primary election is looking pretty good for former University of Georgia and NFL star turned Senate candidate Herschel Walker.

The November general election could be looking just as good for the Trump-endorsed Walker, if a recent poll is accurate.

Even with three other candidates running in the primary election, Walker appears so far ahead that he’s setting his sights beyond May and focusing on that race in November. 

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What The Poll Numbers Are Saying

Barring any last minute acrobatics by Walker’s primary challengers, he should walk away with the nomination. Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black is the nearest competitor at just 7% to Walker’s 66%.

Polls are also showing that around 75% of likely GOP voters have a favorable view of Walker.

However, primary challengers are bringing up various incidents from Walker’s past, including episodes involving his ex-wife, and also questions about his business ventures that, should he become the Republican nominee, Democrats will surely pounce on as the November election gets closer.

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Advantages For Walker

Herschel Walker has several advantages going into May and November.

As a former Georgia Bulldog football great and Heisman Trophy winner, Walker already had huge name recognition. That got an extra boost in September last year when he was officially endorsed by former President Donald Trump, who is also a good friend of Walker’s and had encouraged him to run.

Looking beyond May to November’s midterm election, Walker is apparently doing well in the general.

The Washington Examiner reports that Walker is leading in a poll conducted by incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock’s (D-GA) own super PAC 51.4% to 41%, with just 7.6% undecided.

Raphael Warnock could be another Democrat incumbent who decides that distancing himself from Joe Biden and his own low poll numbers might be beneficial in the run up to November.

The super PAC poll also showed that Georgia voters preferred a generic GOP candidate to a generic Democrat by a sizable margin of 51.9% to 40%.

Biden Inflation Has Hit Hard In The South

Southern Democrat candidates may take it on the chin this fall and get blamed by voters for the failed economic policies of the Biden administration. CNBC reports that the south has been hit especially hard by roughly 8.4% general inflation compared to 2021.

In places like Tampa, Miami, and Atlanta, consumer prices have taken a big jump of 9.6%, 9.8%, and a giant leap in Atlanta of 10.6% since 2021. But Democrats will put up a fight. Warnock is reporting a campaign war chest of $25.6 million as of March 31.

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