Herschel Walker Fires Back At MSNBC’s Mystal For Calling His Senate Campaign ‘Insult To Black People’

For Democrats, it could be the beginning of a long, hot summer. As midterm election races heat up across the country, Democrat chances for a healthy election cycle are looking more and more remote.

It is also getting to that time when, if things are not looking good for them, they drag out their only reliable play in the playbook: the race card. And the way things are looking, that card will be thrown down a lot.

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Liberals’ Old Faithful

Because black conservatives are one of Democrats’ biggest fears, the race card was brought out in a big way recently against Georgia Senate candidate and football great Herschel Walker.

Elie Mystal, official “justice” correspondent for the left-leaning The Nation, and a regular MSNBC contributor, recently wrote in a column that Walker’s candidacy was an “insult to black people.”

Mystal really swung for the fences. His opening line calls Walker “an animated caricature of a Black person drawn by white conservatives.”

Here’s what Mystal thinks of a legitimate, beloved Georgia legend running for the “wrong” party’s nomination: 

Walker is what they think of us, and they think we’re big, ignorant, and easily manipulated. They think we’re shady or criminal. They think we’re tools to be used. The Walker campaign exists as a political minstrel show: a splashy rendition of what white Republicans think Black people look and sound like.

On MSNBC, Mystal graced the airwaves with this gem:

“I make a hard distinction between Black conservatives and these tokens [referring to me and Senator Tim Scott], who are out here right now, shucking and jiving for their white handlers.”

Walker, currently leading the Georgia Senate race, was not pleased, and let it be known.

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Walker Calls Out Mystal

Herschel Walker wasted no time in calling out Mystal’s bigoted rant for what it was, calling it, “racist, disgusting, and sad.” 

Walker continued saying, “I won’t be quiet about this. This columnist is saying horrible things about fellow human beings based on the color of their skin. That’s simply wrong.”

Walker also made sure that his supporters knew about the Mystal comments. In an email to supporters he said, “MSNBC featured this man on their network this week so he could spew even more anti-Black, anti-conservative vitriol in the name of mediocre TV ratings.”

As far back as the end of April, Democrats were seeing the writing on the wall as to who their opponent might be after the May 24 GOP primary. Walker, a former University of Georgia football player and Heisman trophy winner is a favorite son of Georgians, and ran away with the primary, pulling out far ahead of his opponents.

Walker had 66% of the vote at the end of April, his next closest opponent had just 7%. Three quarters of GOP voters in the Peach state had a favorable view of Walker. At the time, incumbent Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock’s own super PAC had Walker up 51.4% to 41%.

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Getting To Be Crunch Time

With predictions being that Republicans will take at least 20-35 seats in the House, and possibly taking back the Senate as well, look for Democrats to throw everything but the kitchen sink up against the wall at Republicans to see if it sticks.

In a move that might make the meanest mean girls think, “why didn’t I think of that,” in March, both Herschel Walker and Pennsylvania Senatorial candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz were both asked by Joe Biden to step down from the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and nutrition, or be fired.

Both were seemingly guilty of having been nominated by President Trump.

While Democrats are busy with petty childish moves that that, the “Inside Elections” newsletter puts at least 21 House seats in the “toss up” column. And while an endorsement from former President Donald Trump is still a sought after thing for GOP candidates, there is not a lot of clamoring from Democrats to have Joe Biden join them on the campaign trail.

Somebody should let Herschel Walker know that all that the louder people like Elie Mystal get, the better he is doing in the race.

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