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Firefighter Was Celebrating Friend’s Birthday When He Noticed Trouble

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A first responder’s job is never done. One firefighter was taking time off to celebrate the birthday of a friend, and an incident that could’ve been deadly for everybody was averted.

Firefighter Lonnie Wimmer was visiting with friends at a birthday party held at River Ridge Taphouse when he noticed people starting to feel sick, nauseous, intoxicated, and some even had blurred vision. Wimmer quickly put his skills to use, even though he was feeling the effects also – he determined carbon monoxide was flowing through the building.

Imagine the possibilities and then multiply them by 100 fold. This could have ended up as a huge catastrophe, but due to a trained firefighter, things turned out better than anyone expected.

From Journal Now:

Lonnie Wimmer, a Lewisville firefighter, was celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday at River Ridge Taphouse on Saturday night when he noticed several people who appeared to be suffering the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

“People came up to us and they had headaches and were feeling nauseous, Wimmer said. “Others were feeling intoxicated and had blurred vision.”

Wimmer, a native of East Bend, and his wife were at the restaurant to celebrate the birthday of the wife of Ricky Leonard, the Yadkin County fire marshal. Wimmer and Leonard quickly determined that people were showing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning and Wimmer called the Lewisville Fire Department for help at about 9 p.m.

Wimmer himself had blurred vision, a headache and felt nauseous, he said.

Lewisville firefighters and Forsyth County EMS arrived the scene.

The restaurant was evacuated and paramedics treated about 30 people for exposure to carbon monoxide, said Steve Williams, an assistant fire chief with the Lewisville Fire Department. Wimmer and his wife were treated at the scene and later evaluated at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center before being released, he said.

That is truly amazing! Not that Lonnie wanted this, but he’s going to be a hero for a long time to come. Those people owe him their lives and I am positively applauding his heroic action. Many people wouldn’t be able to diagnose such a problem – and especially not at a party where people are drinking.

Thank you, Lonnie! Our society needs much more appreciation for our first responders!

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