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Liberals Say Hillary Health Questions are ‘Sexist,’ But They Forgot What She Did

hillary health
If you listen to any Hillary-lovin’ lefty hack, they’ll tell you that it’s completely and utterly sexist and bigoted to ask any questions about Hillary’s health. I mean, really, only Hitler would do that kind of a thing, right?!

Well, they might have to get some hot sauce and dig in because they’re about to eat their words after they see THIS article from a few years back:

Hillary Clinton has questioned the mental health of Cristina Kirchner and asked US diplomats to investigate whether the Argentinian president is taking medication to help her “calm down”.

The US secretary of state painted Kirchner as a volatile and emotional leader who suffered from “nerves and anxiety”, according to a secret cable sent to the US embassy in Buenos Aires.

Oh boy, isn’t that a tiny bit hypocritical? Yeah, that basically fits the definition of a big dumb hypocrite.

This is exactly what Hillary critics are being excoriated for – isn’t it then also sexist and bigoted when Hillary does it?

“How does stress affect her behaviour toward advisers and/or her decision-making? What steps does Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner or her advisers/handlers take in helping her deal with stress? Is she taking any medications?

“Under what circumstances is she best able to handle stresses? How do Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s emotions affect her decision-making and how does she calm down when distressed?”

Yeah, that’s kinda awkward.

Here’s the latest on Hillary’s own health problems:



So what do you think? Is it hypocritical of Hillary to whine now? Let us know in the comments section below!!