America’s economy is in bad shape, and the U.S. stock market continues to take massive losses. Americans everywhere are struggling.

But not the Obama family! They spent two weeks in Martha’s Vineyard, spending tens-of-millions of your tax dollars on yet ANOTHER golfing and beach vacation. They stayed at a $12 million “cottage” (which has 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms), golfed with Hollywood liberals, and vacationed in style.


And now, as you can see (above) they are depressed about having to return to Washington, D.C. They couldn’t bother to even crack a smile for the cameras, and look miserable:

President Obama and the first family looked glum when they stepped off Marine One outside of the White House after their summer vacation.

They had been on Martha’s Vineyard for the past two weeks, enjoying their annual summer break – and they seemed far from happy to be home.

En route to the capital on Sunday, they stopped off at Cape Cod to swap their first helicopter for the President’s plane Air Force One, and they managed to smile at crowds on the tarmac. 

But as the family disembarked Air Force One at Andrews Air Force base, before taking another helicopter back to their official residence, the happy faces had vanished.

At the White House, a serious-looking Obama took the hand of his 17-year-old daughter Malia, while his wife and Sasha, 14, followed behind.

via The Daily Mail

Maybe President Obama is disappointed that he had to spend time away from the golf course calling Democrats to support his highly unpopular deal he wants America to cut with the hostile regime of Iran?

Or could the strain of a failed Presidency be a reason why the Obamas might be divorcing after his second term ends?

This family is SO out of touch:





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