‘Hercules’ Star Kevin Sorbo Blasts Lack Of Manly Men In Hollywood – ‘Feminist Culture Has Won’

Kevin Sorbo
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The former “Hercules” star Kevin Sorbo, who has long been known as one of the only conservative Christian stars in Hollywood, is sounding the alarm about what he describes as the “masculinity crisis” in the entertainment world.

‘Make Hollywood Manly Again’

Sorbo, 65, recently penned an essay for Fox News that he titled “Let’s make Hollywood manly again,” and he used it to lament that there is a lack of “manly” men in modern Hollywood.

“It doesn’t really matter what end of the masculinity spectrum you fall on – if you’re a victim to your own base desires, the feminist culture has won,” he wrote.

“You’re exactly the kind of wussy man they (think they) want you to be,” he added. “Society today seriously misunderstands masculinity.”

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Sorbo Slams Billy Porter And Timothée Chalamet

Sorbo went on to take shots at stars like Billy Porter and Timothée Chalamet, who have each been known to wear feminine clothing publicly.

“Society today seriously misunderstands masculinity… On the one hand, we love to normalize androgynous, Billy Porter-type men who sport skirts and poofy dresses,” Sorbo wrote. “GQ’s 2019 best-dressed man, Timothée Chalamet, for example, often wears clothes that your grandfather wouldn’t have been caught dead dressed like Chalamet.”

“Everywhere we look, bold, confident, self-assured females upstage passive men who recede quietly into the background,” he continued. “Into the basement. Into the past, Fathers, in particular, have become the butt of every woke Hollywood jab, the bumbling, useless idiots who contribute nothing to their families or communities, but sacrifice themselves as objects of ridicule.”

Sorbo concluded with a call to action, saying that America needs “manly men” now more than ever.

“Let’s make Hollywood manly again,” he wrote. “It’s time for the world’s entertainment capital to reintroduce good men: men who love their wives and children, protect them, fight for what’s right, and speak up for the powerless.”

“Men who, above all, have overcome their own selfish desires and are free to put others first,” he concluded. “After all, that’s the most masculine thing any man can do.”

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Sorbo ‘Blacklisted’ By Hollywood

Daily Mail reported that this comes one month after Sorbo claimed that he was “blacklisted” by Hollywood for his conservative Christian beliefs.

“It was sad to me, you know, my manager and agent for so many years said that we can’t get you jobs anymore, work with you because of you being a Christian, being a conservative,” he alleged. “We have such a huge divide in our country right now, and it’s perpetuated by the mainstream media, perpetuated by movies, TV.”

Sorbo went on to say that while the liberal elites of Hollywood seem to have an intense hatred for those on the right, he doesn’t hold any animosity towards those who have differing views to his own.

“It was really weird,” he explained. “I mean, here’s the thing. We have such a huge divide in our country right now, and it’s perpetuated by the mainstream media, perpetuated by movies, TV. I don’t harbor that kind of anger and hatred towards people. I have a different point of view.”

It’s sad that we live in a time in which masculinity is seen as “toxic.” Many will certainly agree with Sorbo that we need to “make Hollywood manly again” before it is far too late for the next generation.

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