Your best furry friend wants to cuddle up next to you on the couch, but he’s struggling to make it up. Help ensure that your best friend always has easy access to the comfiest couches with the Petmaker Foldable Pet Stairs. This device is perfect for small puppies and elderly pets!

The house may seem small in your eyes, but to your pet, it feels like a mansion. Every couch is a mountain, and sometimes your furry friend needs help climbing up. The Petmaker Foldable Pet Stairs allow your pets to reach any surface, no matter how high. Plus, it’s lightweight and portable for you to easily move around.

Each Petmaker Foldable Pet Stair is designed with the wellbeing of your pets in mind. The carpeted stair treads on each step do an excellent job of providing better paw traction. Thanks to the side rails, your pet will be secure on the way up. And when you don’t need the stairs anymore, just fold them up for easy storage.

Don’t let your best furry friend miss out on this amazing deal. At 74% off, the Petmaker Foldable Pet Stairs are yours for just $45!


Petmaker Foldable Pet Stairs – $45

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