Five migrant girls under the age of seven were reportedly found abandoned by a farmer outside his ranch in Texas near the Rio Grande River.

Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) tweeted a heartbreaking image of the girls after speaking with the farmer.

Take a good hard look at the #BidenBorderCrisis,” he wrote. “These young girls were found outside a ranch near Quemado, Texas.”

Gonzales said the farmer told him he had found the girls “hungry and crying,” according to Fox News, but added border patrol “tell me they are uninjured, healthy, and in good spirits.”

The farmer “said he did not believe they would have survived if he had not spotted them,” Fox adds.


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Abandoned Migrant Girls Underscore Border Crisis

It’s difficult to square the above image of the abandoned migrant girls with a President trying to convince the American people that the border crisis he created is under control.

In an interview with NBC News less than two weeks ago, Biden claimed “we’ve now gotten control” of the border crisis even as migrant apprehensions are overwhelming facilities and a record number of unaccompanied children are crossing the border.

“It is getting urgent action now,” the President claimed. “A month ago, we have thousands of young kids in custody in places they shouldn’t be controlled by the border patrol. We have now cut that down dramatically.”

In the same NBC interview, Biden was confronted with reports that children separated from their families had not been reunited with their families during his first 100 days.

“I don’t think that’s true, but that could be,” Biden replied.

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Who Cares?

It’s also difficult not to notice the absolute silence coming from most of the Democrat Party regarding the abandoned migrant girls.

This is, after all, the same party in which some members accused former President Trump of “literally” ripping babies from the arms of their mothers, and claimed he put them in cages that were akin to concentration camps.

Take a look at that image above one more time. Know what you don’t see?

You don’t see Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in her ultra-bright white designer clothes, slumped over, face in her hands, sobbing uncontrollably.

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld blasted Democrats for ignoring the border crisis during an episode of “The Five” on Monday.

Gutfeld was responding to co-host Juan Williams who shrugged off video of immigrants crossing the Rio Grande River as “a daily activity throughout the last 100 years.”

“Sure, a few kids drown,” Gutfeld responded sarcastically. “Some get raped, right? But it happens every day. It’s been happening for 100 years!”

Gutfeld added that Democrats didn’t dismiss these images and videos as run-of-the-mill occurrences during Trump’s presidency saying to them “it was the immoral work of a racist man supported by racist supporters.”

Chief Border Patrol Agent Austin Skero II called the discovery of the abandoned migrant girls “heartbreaking,” and said their lives would have been in much greater danger if not for people in the community and law enforcement.

“Unfortunately this happens far too often now,” Skero said. “If not for our community and law enforcement partners, these little girls could have faced the more than 100-degree temperatures with no help.”

And the Democrats simply don’t care.


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