Harris Faulkner Slams Kamala Harris For Comparing Texas Democrats To Civil Right Heroes: ‘People Are Not Being Beaten’

Fox News host Harris Faulkner mocked Vice President Kamala Harris for suggesting Texas Democrats who fled their state to avoid voting were on par with civil rights heroes.

Fox News host Harris Faulkner mocked Vice President Kamala Harris for suggesting Texas Democrats who fled their state to avoid voting were on par with civil rights heroes.

Harris earlier this week compared the Texas Democrats – whose lone goal has been to avoid a vote on election integrity bills in the state legislature – to Frederick Douglass and Selma marchers.

“They took bold, courageous action in line with the legacy of Frederick Douglass, to the legacy that involves women who marched down Pennsylvania Avenue, and all those folks who shed blood on the bridge in 1965 to pass the Voting Rights Act,” she claimed.

“And now, we have in 2021, the Texas Legislature,” added Harris.

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Harris Faulkner Slams Kamala Harris

Harris Faulkner, during Thursday’s broadcast of ‘Outnumbered,’ took issue with Kamala Harris’ comparison of Texas Democrats to those who fought for civil rights.

In particular, she felt the sacrifices made by the lawmakers weren’t even in the same stratosphere.

“These are things that we know well as Americans. Not as white, not as black, just as Americans. It is part of our shared American history,” she said. 

Faulkner then called on Harris to walk back the comments.

“I want Kamala Harris as vice president to say something about the words that she said,” she advised.

“I want her to recognize that people are not being beaten in the streets right now, that we are not at the same place that we were and unless we are very careful, we could go to new places we don’t want to be.”


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Courageous Sacrifice

Harris Faulkner went on to suggest Vice President Kamala Harris needs to “separate her rhetoric from the facts” and “circle back” to these comments.

The Texas Democrats, in her opinion, are not making civil rights era-level sacrifices but are instead “on a private plane … not paying for any of it” while “skirting what are their responsibilities.”

Thus far, the sacrifices we’ve seen Texas Democrats make in this ploy to avoid working have involved arts and crafts time with their fruity breakfast …

And, as Texas state Rep. Donna Howard has heartbreakingly revealed, being unable to locate the laundry room in their $200 per night hotel …

Harris Faulkner’s comments are similar to those made by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice who, in a 2019 interview was challenged by an NBC reporter trying to suggest racism in America is worse today.

“It sure doesn’t feel worse than when I grew up in Jim Crow Alabama,” Rice fired back. “So let’s drop this notion that we’re worse (with) race relations today than we were in the past.”

These Texas Democrats Are NOT Akin To Frederick Douglas Or MLK

Isn’t that the game though? Democrats have spent years telling you America is as racist or even more racist than it ever was, a notion beyond absurd.

Now, when they pull off a childish political stunt which they claim to be about fighting ‘Jim Crow 2.0’ they want you to believe they are on the same level as those who fought for civil rights during the ’50s and ’60s.

That’s what it’s all about – the attention, the narcissism, the self-adulation.

These modern day progressives, posting pictures of their little fugitive salads or their dirty laundry, seem to truly believe that what they are doing is in line with MLK fighting for his dream or even the late Democrat Rep. John Lewis who was beaten on ‘Bloody Sunday’ while demonstrating for voting rights.

It’s embarrassing and quite frankly, racist, to appropriate the civil rights movement the way they have.



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