Sean Hannity took on Univision’s Jorge Ramos, who has repeatedly taken comments made by Donald Trump out of context in an effort to brand the Republican frontrunner as a bigot and racist.

Ramos has done so deliberately, as have many in the mainstream media.

For instance – Trump’s ban on Muslims entering the country is never mentioned with the rest of his explanation that the ban would be temporary until we can screen properly for terrorists.

Another example – Trump allegedly calling Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists, but the media fails to tell viewers that he was referring to SOME immigrants, again because they are not properly screened.

Hannity, it seems, had enough of Ramos’ lies, telling him he “doesn’t care about the 640,000 Texans” who have been victims of crimes at the hands of illegal immigrants.

He also shouted at Ramos “I don’t really need lectures from you.”

You can check out the testy exchange below …

Via Fox News Insider:

When Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos joined “Hannity” to discuss the candidates’ positions, things quickly got heated.

Sean Hannity accused Ramos of taking Trump’s statements out of context, while defending against Ramos’ accusations that he hasn’t challenged the GOP frontrunner on some of his remarks.

“You don’t care about the 640,000 Texans. You’re taking his comments out of context, you’re calling him racist, you’re calling him bigoted, and you totally misrepresent what he said, and you think you’re the superior reporter? I don’t really need lectures from you, Jorge Ramos,” Hannity said.

When Hannity asked Ramos to acknowledge that some immigrants commit rape and murder, Ramos said he isn’t there to defend criminals.

Ramos has called Trump “the loudest voice of intolerance, division, and hatred right now in America”, while suggesting that Trump’s statements might actually incite violence.

“What he is saying about immigrants and women is not only disgraceful but dangerous,” Ramos told CNN anchor Brian Stelter. “I think it’s dangerous when other people might not only repeat what he is saying, but act upon it. That’s, that’s very dangerous”

For his part, Trump isn’t exactly a big fan of Ramos or his network either. Check out this report on Univision being thrown out of a Trump campaign event just days after Ramos himself was thrown out of an event.

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