Sean Hannity is getting attacked from all sides.

Rumors continue to swirl that Hannity’s days at Fox News are numbered. His coverage of the Seth Rich murder is turning off advertisers.

Now, Hannity is being deprived of a prestigious award for his news commentary.

The Fox News host was set to receive the William F. Buckley Award for Media Excellence, but the award has been rescinded.

Chris Buckley, son of prolific conservative writer Bill Buckley, whose name graces the award, voiced his opposition to Hannity.

Via CNN:

A source familiar with the situation tells CNN that Christopher Buckley “expressed great dismay” at the announcement that the award would go to Hannity, who has spent a great deal of time insulting conservative intellectuals on Twitter, particularly since he became a strong supporter of Donald Trump.

Buckley, sources say, called the Media Research Center and expressed his disapproval. Sources tell CNN that the MRC acquiesced and will no longer give the award to him. Hannity has since been removed from the gala website.

This is certainly a peculiar turn of events. Why do you think Hannity is no longer receiving the award? How does it reflect upon conservatives? Will this give more ammo to the left as they try to tear down President Trump?

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