Obama Just Got the WORST News of His Presidency! BOOM!

gun sales obama

Barack Obama hates the Second Amendment, and so does Hillary Clinton.

They have disgustingly, shamelessly exploited terrible tragedies to try to take away our God-given right to bear arms, as enshrined in our Bill of Rights. They even tried to blame Islamic terror attacks like the Orlando gay nightclub shooting on guns. There is no episode they won’t blame on inanimate objects that can’t do anything on their own.

But even as Obama tries his hardest to attack our Constitution during his last months in office, he just got the WORST news of his presidency. This is incredible!

Via ZeroHedge:

America’s legendary gun maker Smith & Wesson reported Q1 earnings which, not surprisingly, beat estimate on the top and bottom line, reporting EPS of $0.62, far above the $0.53 expected, and 93% higher compared to a year earlier, on revenue of $207.1 million, also a significant beat to the $198 million expected, not to mention a whopping 40% higher Y/Y.

gun sales obama

Yes, you are reading that chart correctly: Smith and Wesson’s sales are up 200% since Obama was elected.

And this of course: the number of FBI background checks, a direct proxy for gun sale in any given month, which just hit an all time high for the month of July.

gun sales obama

The truth is, Obama is the best gun salesman America has ever had, next to King George III. Patriotic Americans oppose and despise Obama’s hatred for our Second Amendment, and load up on guns every time he blames our freedoms for terrible tragedies.

No matter how many lies the liberals and their lying media push, Americans aren’t falling for it. We know that a well-armed populace protects us from tyrannical government, and we will NEVER let them take away our freedoms.

What do you think? Have you purchased a gun after Obama and the Democrats threatened to take them away? Share your story in the comments!

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