Guest On Megyn Kelly’s Show DESTROYS #BlackLivesMatter Protester With THIS


Things got really intense during a panel on the Kelly File over recent comments by Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino who attended an anti-police rally in New York City.

Tarantino has been getting serious heat for statements he made at the rally about police brutality “not being dealt with.”

“If it was being dealt with, then these murdering cops would be in jail or at least be facing charges,” Tarantino said.

One of the anti-police protest organizers, Carl Dix, took on detective Mark Fuhrman during the Kelly File panel. Dix tried to paint police officers as murderers, but Fuhrman shot back with a major dose of reality.

Via Mediaite:

Dix was one of the organizers of a recent rally where Tarantino spoke out against police brutality. Fuhrman said Tarantino glorifies violence to a “ridiculous degree” and is joining a movement that “misrepresents the facts.”

Dix insisted to him that “the police have been killing people,” but Fuhrman shot back, “Black people kill black people!”

Black Lives Matter isn’t concerned with black-on-black crime, however.

Dix eventually dropped his debating skills to a second grade level when he told Fuhrman to shut up.

Dix told Fuhrman he’s changing the subject, and as they continued to argue, he said, “We can’t talk together, and I don’t want to sing with you, so shut up and listen to me!”

Fuhrman shot back, “Don’t tell me to shut up!”

Watch the fiery debate at this link.

Comment:  Is the Black Lives Matter movement actually concerned about black lives, or are they simply consumed with hatred for police officers?  Discuss below.

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