Guess Which CNN Correspondent Is Being Hypocritical Now

CNN and ABC News Contributor Donna Brazile has been attacking a Republican Congressional staffer for making mildly critical comments about the Obama daughters on her personal Facebook page.

Brazile saw no concern about Elizabeth Lauten’s alleged juvenile record being leaked to the press the first business day after the story broke. Lauten had already resigned from her job on the Hill due to the manufactured controversy. Brazile even tweeted that Lauten’s underage record was shameful.

Brazile apparently forgot that she once had to resign because of her comments.  But, while Lauten’s Facebook posting was rather benign, Brazile’s intent was to lie and inflict harm.

In 1988, while working for Michael Dukakis’s campaign Brazile told reporters that then Vice President Bush, “owes it to the American public to fess up,” regarding unconfirmed rumors about an affair. Brazile had no evidence to offer but attempted to manufacture a witch hunt in attempt to smear the Republican nominee for President.

Brazile had to resign from the Dukakis campaign because of her comments.  She was not harassed by the press.  They didn’t dig into her personal history. And yet, she feels that is justifiable for this to happen to Elizabeth Lauten.


In 2008, Brazile pledged her devotion to Obama when she compared him to Jesus Christ and compared Rudy Giuliani to Pontius Pilate because he dared to challenge Obama.

“The Bible says to whom much is given much is required and it comes out of that tradition. So it was insulting to see both, you know, the governor as well as Mayor Giuliani criticize people. There’s some on the Internet now that Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor. And perhaps they should understand the role of a community organizer, do help people in distress.”

While the role of partisan commentators is to present a reaction, they still have to at least appear to be objective in their rationale. Brazile’s hypocrisy has shown that this may not be possible for her.

Do you believe Donna Brazile is too blinded by her devotion to be objective?

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