This election, conservatives and Republican voters have discovered just how much the GOP establishment hates them and their views.

The consultants, politicians, and top men in the political establishment have done everything in their power to undermine the people’s choice, Donald Trump, and try to help elect Hillary Clinton.

After the media tried to destroy Trump’s campaign by releasing supposedly offensive “locker room” talk by Trump, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan stabbed Trump in the back – disinviting him from a campaign rally and attacking him in front of the liberal media. Conservatives aren’t happy with Paul Ryan, who has not only repeatedly attacked Trump, but worked with Democrats to increase spending and taxes.

That’s why, when Trump went to Green Bay, Wisconsin – Paul Ryan’s home state – for a huge rally, the crowd turned on Ryan and the GOP establishment with an amazing cheer!

Over 2,500 Trump supports gathered at the KI Convention Center to give Paul Ryan a piece of their mind. Incredible!

Trump hasn’t taken Ryan’s treachery sitting down, either. Trump has blasted Nancy Pelosi’s favorite Republican as a “weak, ineffective leader” who wants Trump to lose so he can run for President himself in 2020.

Paul Ryan has failed to achieve a single Republican goal or make the government any smaller. Republican voters are sick of it, and standing up for Trump in the best way possible!

What do you think? Is Paul Ryan trying to help Hillary so he can run for President himself in 4 years?