mike rowe
Mike Rowe has become the voice of a movement to reclaim the dignity of hard work in America, and he just put out a fantastic video that will completely blow up some common, and dumb, assumptions of Americans.

If you have a loved one or a relative who has just graduated and needs some wisdom, Mike Rowe completely knocks it out of the park!!!

Watch below:

Wow. It’s really amazing how clearly and concisely Mike is able to put a pretty remarkable bit of wisdom about “following your passion.”

It’s actually something that our society has taught for more than two thousand years, but only recently has been completely forgotten and replaced with the hasty advice about following your feelings. It’s not great advice on how to be successful, but it’s also the key to being satisfied with life and attaining a deeper happiness.

Here’s Mike Rowe schooling Americans on higher education as well:

He really is a wise guy. You can check out more wisdom from the great Mike Rowe here.

What do you think? Is Mike right about the foolishness of simply following your passions? Let us know in the comments section below!!!

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