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Hillary’s Lecture About ‘White Privilege’ Gets DESTROYED by This One Small Fact! (LOOK)

hillary white privilege

Hillary Clinton has really been shameless about slapping America in the face with the race-card lately. She knows that in order to win the presidency, she’s going to have to keep Obama’s voting coalition loyal – and that means propagandizing African-Americans with fear-mongering and┬áracism.

She’s even scolded America on “white privilege” in her speeches while trying to pander to blacks.

But if there IS “white privilege,” the Clintons have absolutely mastered it, as this meme points out!!

hillary white privilege

LOL!! Isn’t that perfect?

It shows exactly what the liberals’ favorite past time is – hypocritically accusing others of what they are more egregiously guilty of!!

Here’s when Hillary screeched through her haranguing of Americans on “white privilege:”

What do you think? Should Hillary promise to quit privileging her white daughter before castigating the rest of us? Let us know in the comments section below!!

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