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Great Meme BLASTS Hillary And Bill Clinton! Look!

hillary dead broke

The Clintons sure have pulled a fast one on the American public for years, but one of the dumber lies they told is coming back to haunt them now that Hillary is trying to steal the Oval Office!!

At the beginning of the presidential campaign, Hillary actually tried to describe their financial condition after leaving the White House as “dead broke”!! It was as if the entire country reared back and laughed at the multi-millionaire who had used government to siphon her wealth from the pockets of taxpaying Americans.

That’s why this hilarious meme skewering Hillary on her finances is being shared on social media:

hillary dead broke

H/T: Capitalists

It’s pretty funny but it also makes a good point – liberals who are lifelong politicians have so little experience in running anything that all they know how to do is spend, spend, spend. In a time when our national deficit is at historic highs, why invite more debt by voting for a president who goes “dead broke” all the time?!

Here’s that infamous “dead broke” moment from crooked Hillary:

What do you think? Should we elect “dead broke” Hillary into a prison instead of an Oval Office? Let us know in the comments section below!!

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