Gov. Noem Blames Biden For Higher Food Prices: ‘A National Security Issue’

On Sunday, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem criticized White House press secretary Jen Psaki for blaming the rising price of food on meat conglomerates.

Noem made her remarks  during an interview on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo.

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Gov. Noem: ‘I have talked for years about how our food supply is a national security issue’

Host Bartiromo brought up the record inflation Americans are dealing with, and how the Biden administration blamed “meat conglomerates” for the problem. 

Last December, White House press secretary Jen Psaki blamed the “greed” of meat conglomerates for inflation in meat prices.

Noem partially agreed – but argued that the Biden administration should have taken a page from the Trump playbook, and make sure antitrust laws were being enforced. 

But it’s not just meat that’s experiencing inflation. Noem argued that the food supply is a national security issue, and that it might not be a good idea to depend on foreign countries for food. 

“I have talked for years about how our food supply is a national security issue; how, when another country grows our food for us and provides our food for us, that they control us,” Noem said.

She continued, “And that’s what I’m concerned about, is the way this administration is attacking American enterprises and businesses and farmers and ranchers and not really dealing with the real issue, and that’s the control of out-of-country businesses, China controlling our food markets.”

Noem talked about how this affected her state of South Dakota specifically.

“One of the biggest problems I had during the pandemic was a China-owned processing facility right here in South Dakota,” Noem said. “And they didn’t want to work with me because they didn’t have to and because this administration didn’t make them do that.”

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Gov. Noem: ‘I get worried as well about how scary it gets in this country when people go to their grocery stores, and there isn’t any food there’

“So, I really think it’s a big concern,” Noem added.

“People get worried about a virus. I get worried as well about how scary it gets in this country when people go to their grocery stores, and there isn’t any food there, and realize that another country controls it because we have an administration that allowed the other countries to have control over those markets and didn’t address the real problems that we have within our antitrust and anti-competitive laws on the books.”

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