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You GOTTA SEE Actor James Woods’ HILARIOUS Slap Down Of Hillary!


One of the few shining lights of right-wing rationality in Hollywood is actor James Woods, who unapologetically defends America and conservative values whenever he can, and most prolifically, on his Twitter account.

Recently he posted this hilarious slap down of Hillary that you’ve got to see!

James Woods

That’s just brilliant.

And unfortunately for Hillary, it’s an accurate metaphor because she’s losing support in the polls and her communist septagenarian competitor Bernie is catching up to her and even beating her in some states!

Maybe the American people are finally catching up to all the scandals that have plagued this incompetent, entitled, and self-aggrandizing politician.

What do you think? Will Hillary be able to “re-start” her campaign or is it over for the Clintons? Let us know in the comments!