GOP Rep. Crenshaw Attacks Conservatives, Mumbles, Bumbles Through Nonsensical Defense of McCarthy

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By Dr. Derek Ellerman

For anyone who has been blessed with a pulse and the tiniest bit of sentience over the last few years (OK, much longer than that, but still), the absolute malarkey we’re seeing over the GOP establishment trying to ramrod failed GOP leader Kevin McCarthy into the Speaker’s office is merely deja vu. 

The excuses and the attacks against conservatives are always the same, and always nonsensical and toothless.

We have to elect Do-nothing Failed RINO X because that’s who elected Republicans will vote for. 

That may sound trite, you say. Well, have you heard a better excuse? It’s a fait accompli for failure. 

Which brings me to Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Ukraine), one of the establishment’s favorite America Last neoconservatives. 

The man most famous for tricking donors into giving him huge sums of money for Hollywood-style Avengers-themed campaign ads is secondly-most-famous for being the Establishment’s attack dog against conservatives – and he was predictably at it again yesterday. 


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Perhaps the first thing you notice about the above tweet is that far-left video-clipper Aaron Rupar completely agrees with Crenshaw. (Hey Dan, maybe if the worst-of-the-worst far-left kooks agree with you, it’s time to rethink your position? Just a thought.)

In the short interview with Fake News CNN (also in complete agreement), Crenshaw accuses the 20 Republicans who are fighting for an actual, real House Speaker of “very clearly looking for notoriety over principle.” 

He continues: “And anyone who suggests differently is on some kind of make-believe fantasy reality.” 

Well, I suggest differently, and unlike “Cringeshaw,” I haven’t (yet) made a campaign ad pretending to be Iron Man. 

But what “principle” is Crenshaw talking about? Abandoning all your beliefs and any hope of accomplishing campaign promises is principled? How? Why? What the hell is he even talking about? 

Usually, this argument goes the other way: These recalcitrant 20 are putting their principle over the party! Party comes first! We can’t be hard-headed ideologues, we have to compromise and be flexible!

In essence, what Crenshaw is saying is that the Number One, and perhaps Only principle, is obeying the GOP establishment. But why? To what end? What do us mere peasants get out of the deal?

Continuing, Crenshaw gives us the usual claptrap about how it’s actually the Democrats who benefit if conservatives demand conservative leadership, that it’s “narcissistic” to actually fight for the things that were promised to voters, etc.

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Who Do They Work For?

Ultimately, the whole thing comes down to a very simple calculus. To wit: Would Kevin McCarthy undergo some magical and extreme transition and become even mildly conservative if given the Speaker’s Office? 

That’s the main question. McCarthy’s lifetime score on the FreedomWorks scorecard is below 70%. Do you expect him to become more conservative when the pressure is actually on?

If you do, I have a bridge to sell you in Viet Nam. 

But that’s sort of the besides the point. It’s not necessarily McCarthy’s fault if he has stars in his eyes. More to blame are the Crenshaws of the Republican Party. Those who, far worse than just falling in line, actually go out of their way to attack the party’s voters and beliefs. 

At the same time, he was just re-elected by a huge margin, so what do I know?

As always in this world, you get what you pay for. 

And as the late, great Dr. Hunter S. Thompson often screamed into the void, “How long, O Lord, how long!?”

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