What Donald Trump did to Ted Cruz during his closing debate arguments will be the last thing voters remember before the New Hampshire primary. In case you missed it, the Cruz campaign was caught lying to voters – telling them that Dr. Ben Carson was dropping out of the race, and to vote for Cruz. Trump used his closing arguments to call Cruz out big time!

Trump is a master of branding, and he’s been branding Cruz as a liar and a cheat. Of course, if Cruz hadn’t lied and cheated, then he wouldn’t be branded. Ben Carson didn’t deserve what the Cruz campaign did no matter how bad they want to spin it and say, “well Carson isn’t winning anyways.”

And did you see CNN defend their Iowa reporting after the debate?

It was totally devastating to Cruz. They outright said he told a baldfaced lie in his debate answer. The Iowa stunt is going to hurt Cruz and might just give us President Trump!