GOING VIRAL: Ohio Man Honors Fallen Soldiers With Annual Snow Sculpture


An Ohio man honored our fallen soldiers with his annual snow sculpture: a 14 foot bald eagle, with an American flag hung on its back. Here’s the story:

Roger L. Pugh says every year he makes some sort of snow sculpture, but this year he decided to take it to the next level and turn it into a tribute to fallen soldiers. He says he worked on it a little each night after work, and he’s happy with how it turned out: a bald eagle wrapped in the American flag, with a grave with boots and a wooden gun and helmet in front.

“It’s a tribute to our fallen soldiers, the ones that covered my back and taking care of my butt for a lot of years,” Pugh said. “If it can put a smile on somebody’s face, or make them think about our soldiers, hey, mission accomplished.”

Kinda puts your measly 5 foot snowman to shame, huh?


Alexa is a freelance writer and communications consultant, with experience working on the Hill, at the RNC, and for National Review. She is based in Northern Virginia and blogs at AlexaShrugged.com. Follow her on Twitter @AlexaShrugged.

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