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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Kenneth says:

    I wish he had ran for President! Maybe in 2020 (if Donald isn’t elected) or 2024 (after Donald’s term is over) he will decide to run.

  2. Redheaded Patriot says:

    I love Allen West!!!

  3. Randal says:

    Don’t forget this reason to vote Democrat…..when 51% of the Democracy wants to eat you for Dinner…then it’s legal!

  4. DinkyDow says:

    I’ll vote democrat when I’m dead and some illegal steals my identity.

  5. kss911 says:

    I would vote democrat because I love hanging out with high caliber people. People with honesty and integrity. I respect people who mean what they. So, that’s my number one reason to vote democrat.

    1. Diane says:

      Sorry, I would be afraid to vote Democrat ..Obama is so horrible that surely the next democratic candidate to follow him could only be the antichrist.

  6. Maria says:

    I’ll vote Democrat because I love killing babies, defending freaks like the one who committed murders in Chattanooga, TN yesterday and having people tell me what to say and think to suit them.

    (some nitwit tried doing this to me last night)

  7. Bill says:

    You vote DemoKratiK because “Der Fuhrer” demands it. It is amazing how a DemoKrat cannot ever question “Der Party Line” or even accept that there IS another point of view.

    1. Nik says:

      I vil vote Demokrap. Yu vil vote Demokrap, undt yu vil Like it, or yu vil be schott, undt zent tu zee Russian front. Then yu vil be schott again, and again, undt again, and yu vil loff it!

  8. Meredith says:

    I will vote Democrat because, even when I die… I’ll still want to vote.

  9. Lee says:

    I will absolutely vote Democratic, and campaign for Democratic candidates. Rethuglicans have nearly destroyed this country, and once again, we liberals will have to clean up their mess.

  10. Donesa says:

    1 more reason is to keep the Kocks out of the Whitehouse.

    The total destruction of the working and middle class is another.

  11. Brad says:

    Our country will be officially 239 years old soon and has always had two dominant political parties with one acting as the conscience for the other. The names have changed over the years as well as the current issues.
    I believe that very important dynamic is what has enabled US to become the greatest nation in history. Politics go one way for a while and then they swing around the other way but we have always stayed somewhere near the center of the Liberal/Conservative spectrum.
    The Republicans were not the group who argued for safer working conditions, shorter work weeks and child labor laws. The Democrats own that and the Republicans should never underestimate the Democrat’s ability to get votes on Election Day.
    I believe that we need to respect that important dynamic of checks and balances and understand that we need to consider every issue from an aspect of what do both sides want and why.
    When people ask me why I support the Republicans I tell them I believe we need to allow commercial enterprise to live, thrive and survive. It forms the nucleus of our economy and society.
    Abundant and profitable commercial enterprise is what provides employment opportunities for our citizens and I have made it my purpose to protect their financial and material interests. Since enough other people agree with me the Democrats should never underestimate the Republican’s ability to get votes on Election Day.
    United we stand. Divided we fall.
    Together we are NUMBER ONE!!!

  12. Meare1 says:

    WE all have things or issues about certain candidates that do not match our own. The key to voting in a more conservative non-perfect politician is to examine your values and vote for and support the ONE who most closely matches THEM. Not to pick at scabs or point out skeletons in the closet. WE all have fallen short and have issues in our past and present. The DEMS are basically EVIL in my eye’s therefore I would probably NEVER vote for or support one!!!

  13. Gary says:

    Many lists similar to this. FACT is there are no valid reasons to vote for any democrat since they killed Larry McDonald! I like Allen West but have one problem still. Perhaps he reads these remarks and can answer. “Why did you vote FOR the NDAA?” I read what you previously have written about how you don’t believe it allows the president to arrest me (any citizen). However, I also read the act and that is wrong. It absolutely does do that. If you read it yourself you can see what is allowed. I am not assured it wont happen by Obama saying he wouldn’t do that. If it wasn’t in the act, why would he even say that? Otherwise, I can not fault Mr. West. I campaigned FOR him and would do so again. I have been side by side with him at meetings and in passing out literature. It is just this one issue that gnaws at me every time i see his name now.

  14. Mike says:

    Maybe Mr. West should read the Ryan Plan, he would redact most of this crap…

  15. Bill says:

    I’ll vote democrat after I die, I’ll vote democrat to get rid of all the CO2 so plants will die who needs Oxygen anyway? I’ll vote democrat while I setting in college I can hear opinion instead of getting an Education, I’ll vote democrat so I can hear Propaganda, and agenda driven speech’s, I’ll vote democrat because I love socialism, I’ll vote democrat so I don’t have to take any responsibility for my action, I’ll vote democrat I love making up right’s that don’t exist, I’ll vote democrat so they can regulate all my money away, I’ll vote democrat because I don’t understand the Constitution. I’ll vote democrat because I know they will change a test if I can’t pass it. I’ll vote democrat because they spend beyond what they bring in.

  16. Michael says:

    I’ll vote Democrat because the brain sucking spider on my head just died of starvation . LOL

  17. Travis says:

    I love it. it is supposed to be funny and would be if it wasn’t so much truth in all 10 of them.

  18. Saundra says:

    I’ll vote Democrat, because I know the truth is relative and I want to change it normally, every five minutes, (depending upon the group I’m with). There is no black or white, right or wrong and I think we all should do what we want, when we want to do it and……..DON’T JUDGE ME!!!!! Oh wait! Democrat, Republican, Tea Party…..is there still a “Green Party”, or, was there ever? Okay, who’s the cutest guy running for President? I’m there!

  19. Larry says:

    I’m voting DemonRat because I can’t wait for WWIII to come and clean up our environment, stop US-made Global Warming, stop offensive language, and prepare for WWWIV to finish the job.

  20. Jan says:

    I vote Democrat, because I want my Grad- children never know our Flag and its meaning to the USA!

  21. Paul says:

    I will vote Democrat because I reeeally believe Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, Oprah Winfrey, and their buds are secretly The Avengers! And, when they come out of their cave and see their shadows, they will destroy The One Ring and bring peace and harmony to Munchkin Land.

  22. Bonnie says:

    Forgot another reason to vote Democrat. It is ok for Democrats to kill and cover up killing Americans.

    Another reason to vote Democrat. We need to employ everyone other than Americans because if we don’t then it is ok for them to come in and kill us because their mad because their poor and not because they are radical Islamic Muslim extremists who think any one not of their faith should die hainously.

    Another reason to vote Democrat is because:
    Democrats believe it is ok for people to commit genocide and it will never reach the US since democrats understand them because democrats have the same idealism “if you don’t think like them your wrong and either stupid and uneducated or racist. .

  23. Gene says:

    I’ll vote democrat so I.can finish destroying the America I grew up in so my grand kids can grow up to be ruled by Muslims in white house instead of American people !!!!!!!

  24. Richard says:


  25. John says:

    It’s to bad that the stupid people put Col. West out of office and voted in that sub-human in. Shows the smarts Florida has. We need this man. I would vote Democrat because all most Republicans rather do it like Democrats do.

  26. Richard says:

    I vote democrat because I want my free cell and 200 minutes along with welfare, wicks, free medical, free tuition to college, free drugs bought with entitlement money, free housing, oppps I forgot, I don’t need to vote, all I have to do is go to Mexico and enter the country illegally and bingo, I am entitled. Plus a I get social security, drivers license and someone else pays for it all. What a wonderful country!

  27. Givendoly says:

    I agree with everything he said! The “squatters” come ( illegally, I might add) here and proceed to change our Country to suit themselves. They want everything they had in Mexico, plus everything they couldn’t get, including our WELFARE!

  28. Maureen says:

    darn! others took my ‘think on my own’ and ‘fact vs fiction’ answers. ok, i’ll vote democrat because i want our country to become a socialist facist state ruled by a clueless government whose incredible actions are more amusing then any daytime soap opera storyline.

  29. Jeff says:

    While I appreciate Mr. West’s re-publishing this list and making more people aware of it, he is certainly not the originator. I have seen other similar versions floating around the internet for a couple years now.

    Having said that, my list has “I’ll vote Democrat because earning money doesn’t entitle you to it. But wanting other peoples’ money does.”

  30. shadowman says:

    So you people want to vote to become communist go against are second amendment, murder babies, let monsters that do disgusting things stay alive in a comfy cell and many other things that make america look like its not america what is wrong with you people this is america and we fight to keep are rights and are military men and women die for are freedom so we will never give away are rights should not give them away but as I have my freedom of speech as do you so I can’t tell you who to vote for I can only tell you what I think

    1. Nathan says:

      You do realize all these replies are “tongue in cheek” right? Try readying the article.

  31. Freda says:

    Need to add to #5..free surgery for the trans genders!!!!!

  32. Vern says:

    I’ll vote democrat because I have Russia’s, China’s, and North Korea’s promises to dismantle
    one single warhead missile to our two. But, to dismantle 1 multi-warhead, we must dismantle 3 singles.

  33. Sylvia says:

    Mr West You are the Best!

  34. Al says:

    Brilliant Mr.West

  35. Boyd says:

    I’m voting Democrat because it’s much easier to think, speak and post in “bumper stickers” than to research, analyze and expect people to read documented fact trails.

  36. Daryl says:

    I’ll vote democrat so Obama can have a third and fourth term.

  37. Mike says:

    (Spoof) I’ll vote democrat because I can get free housing, food cards, clothing, cell phone, medical care, paid trips to democrat sponsored events, dark hoodies, and can vote several times each election. Best of all, even after the democrat party shuts down all large businesses, taxes the upper class out of the country, and stops military support, we will still get our benefits from Obama and his fellow politicians (who are paid with the tax dollars of those they have shut down). What a country.

  38. Mark says:

    I vote Dimocrat because, uh wait, what’s the question!

  39. Glenn says:

    I’ll vote Democrat along with all those wonderful, would-be hard working people I, my children, and my children’s children are supporting (un-entitlement recipients) just so we can ensure I and my progeny keep supporting them! I LOVE conflicts of interest like that. It’s terrific for the country.

  40. Jary says:

    tell you a story, when i lived in fairbanks alaska we received dividend checks from oil revenue, we had a dem politition in juneau that stated she was against the money given to the people that the money cuold be better used by the state, dems were sociaalist then also

  41. Carolyn says:

    I’ll vote Democrat because euthanasia and beheading, along with abortion, is a good way to manage the population.
    I’ll vote Democrat because I think it’s time for World War III. And, I want to see America lose.
    On a serious note: Every election we say it is a crucial election. At my age, I believe that is more true for the 2017 Presidential election than any other time in American history. I believe it will either me the strengthening of America, or the demise of America. It could possibly the Civil War of the 21st century. I think we are in the “last days” spoken of in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. There is no mention of a powerful Western nation, which would likely be the United States. I think it is because this country will cease to exist, and I believe we are on the precipice of that event. As a Christ follower, I will refuse to be so fearful that it immobilizes me to sit on my haunches and do nothing. I’m not afraid of what will come because my hope is in God and His sovereignty. I believe this country is worth fighting for, however. I may not be able to physically do a lot of things, but I can lend my voice, my votes, use paper and pen. And, I will.

    1. Jeff says:

      Unfortunately, if you wait to 2017 to vote for the next President, you will probably be disappointed that you missed the real election in 2016.

      1. Barbara says:

        New president takes office in 2017.

  42. Christopher says:

    I’ll vote democratic because I am secretly anti-Semitic and hope to see a mushroom cloud over Palestine and the land the Zionists stole (which I learned about in college). That will teach Netanyahu to come over here without the King’s, er, the President’s permission.

  43. Joanne says:

    Love this article and am a great friend of Allan’s, however, I not only I’ll not vote democratic but also will not vote republican except in isolated cases as they are for the most part no better than the dems. Love your satire tho

  44. Nathan says:

    I am voting Democrat because I haven’t the ability to think on my own and need others who are obviously wiser then I am to do it for me. Is it time to poop yet?

  45. Tim says:

    Vote Democrat because I’ve given up trying to separate fact from fiction and even if what the Democrats say is fiction, it sounds much better than what the other folks are saying. Besides I’m really tired of all that doom and gloom from the Republicans..

    1. Mark says:

      I’m tired of the doom and gloom brought about by this administration.

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