There are times when this constant politicizing of everything becomes very tiresome. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of totalitarianism. Everything becomes political.

Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia filed a lawsuit against Atlanta’s Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and the Atlanta City Council in an attempt to challenge the city’s decision to make masks mandatory.

Kemp’s lawsuit claims that the Bottom’s new mask requirements should be “void and unenforceable” and wants the judge to block the city from issuing any orders or press releases imposing a mask mandate or enacting other restrictions that are stricter than the state’s.

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[AP] Bottoms last week made statements that people had to return to sheltering at home and forcing restaurants to return to only offering takeout and delivery. Kemp quickly swatted those claims down, and Bottoms on Thursday described them as guidelines. But Kemp’s lawsuit says the court should set Bottoms straight on those statements as well, and forbid her from making more claims about her power to reporters.

Kemp says he strongly supports mask-wearing to combat the spread of COVID-19 infections. He traveled the state this month to encourage face coverings. But he has maintained for weeks that cities and counties can’t require masks in public places, saying local actions can’t be more or less restrictive than his statewide orders. (AP)


First of all, to accept that case counts are rising, you have to accept that the tests are reasonably accurate – which they’re NOT. Production of test kits has been rushed to try to keep up with limitless demand, and when has ANYTHING mass-produced been faultless?

Currently, “cases” are double counted as people are tested multiple times, and they include many asymptomatic positives. If Biden wins, the Democrat governors will immediately pivot to only caring about symptomatic positives and eliminating duplicates, because it improves the numbers and they’ll claim their actions saved lives and allowed us to go back to work.

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Liberals say that everyone should be required by law either to stay home or if they are willing to allow people to go out, they must wear face masks and stay six feet apart except for Black Lives Matter protestors, which are exempt from these restrictions.

I can think of only two possible explanations for this inconsistency:

  1. Liberals are only concerned about protecting the health and lives of white people. They don’t care if black people get sick and die.
  2. They don’t believe all the rules are necessary to protect public health, and it’s all just a power grab, from which they, therefore, exempt politically favored groups.


Cities can establish an ordinance that applies to their city alone, such as no fireworks in City limits, establish curfews, and other actions for the safety of citizens in their town. I don’t see how a Governor can override, and win in court.

This is bad governance. These politicians should be putting aside their partisan differences and work together to negotiate the best course of action that meets the needs of the citizens of their state and the individual municipalities where they live. This is a waste of Georgia taxpayers’ dollars to do nothing more than score political points. It is entirely dysfunctional and serves no one.


Bottoms are prepared to spend tax money to support her losing in court. While she is in court, perhaps she can answer a few questions about telling the police to stand down and allow armed gangs to shoot a young girl when the mom got lost and tried to use a city street to avoid the area that Bottoms gave to that gang.

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The government has always been able to go beyond ordinary measures during times of a public health crisis – including quarantining you if they want to. There’s a balance between freedom and public health – and the courts know this I wouldn’t be surprised if the courts allowed for a face mask mandate to be enforced.

If you cannot wear a mask for medical purposes, then the court would probably rule that you should stay home and the government has to provide you with assistance in getting your needs met.

This entire Chinese coronavirus pandemic will end in November when it’s no longer politically viable. The media will just forget about it as it no longer serves their purpose in taking out the current Administration. The pandemic will just be forgotten about. There’s simply no reason to wear a mask or take any precautions. China has committed election interference on behalf of the Liberals.