Global Warming Activist Matt Damon Travels In Private Jet For New Marvel Movie

matt damon private jet

Hollywood liberal actor and climate change activist Matt Damon reportedly traveled in a private jet to film parts of a new Marvel movie.

On Sunday, Damon reportedly flew from Byron Bay in New South Wales to Sydney, Australia to take part in the upcoming film “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

Damon Warned Of Climate Catastrophe

The Daily Mail reported that Damon was accompanied on the private jet with the film’s co-star Chris Hemsworth and others traveling with their group and included photos of the stars disembarking from the plane. 

“The Damon family only recently completed their private quarantine in a $7,000-a-night mansion near the trendy coastal town,” the Mail reported.

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The Mail added, “The modern-day cheateu they stayed at costs $7,000 per night to rent, meaning they would have spent about $90,000 on accommodation alone.”

In the 2014 Showtime documentary series “Years of Living Dangerously,” Damon warned about the dangers of climate change.

“How we behave will have a very serious impact on the world that these next generations are going to inherit,” he said in promo clip for the documentary.

The series and won an Emmy Award.

Damon has received praise in the press for his efforts to promote sustainability. 

In 1990, he created a non-profit to help depressed areas get better access to clean drinking water.

Climate Change Activists Love Private Jets

Damon has starred in other projects that emphasized the threat of climate change and joins other Hollywood celebrities like Harrison Ford, Leonardo DiCaprio, John Legend, and Chrissy Teigen who have also advocated on this issue while using private jets to fly around the world.

According to studies, jets like the one used by Damon emit as much as 20 times more carbon dioxide per passenger mile than commercial flights.

Damon can now not only join these Hollywood celebrities in their hypocrisy, but also President Joe Biden’s ‘climate czar,’ John Kerry.

“President Joe Biden’s special presidential envoy for climate, John Kerry, took a private jet to Iceland to accept an environmental award in 2019,” The Political Insider reported in early February.

Kerry used his private jet when he received the Arctic Circle Prize for his advocacy on climate change awareness and reform. 

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Rules For Thee, Not For Me

An interview obtained by Fox News, showed Kerry defending his mode of travel, even adding that his private jet was “the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle.”

John Kerry has never heard of a telephone? Zoom? Skype?

Celebrities and elites do not believe they have to follow their own advice even as they scorn everyone else – normal, everyday people who could never dream of using a private jet – for threatening the globe.

Rules for thee, not for me. Welcome to the club Matt Damon!

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