Glenn Beck Debunks the Left’s Idea of Bravery in America



BlazeTV founder, Glenn Beck, is one of the few media figures willing to call the attention being heaped on Caitlyn Jenner’s transition as much ado about nothing.

Beck claims that by referring to Jenner as ‘brave,’ the word becomes diminished. It lessens true bravery, such as Christians refusing to denounce their faith in the face of ISIS terrorists.

He added that it’s time to admit that Jenner does not define bravery.

We have “to start saying, ‘Bullcrap … that’s not true,” he insisted.

Via Mediaite:

Glenn Beck doesn’t like everyone calling Caitlyn Jenner “brave” when there are lots of people in the world more deserving of that label. On his BlazeTV show last night, Beck spoke with David Barton and railed against “the way we’re taking Caitlyn Jenner and redefining bravery and saying he’s brave, or she’s brave.”

Beck brought up an email he received from a man who said ISIS threatened to kill his children if they did not convert to Islam, but his children still stood by Jesus Christ and they were killed. Beck said that is bravery, and by applying the same term to Jenner, it diminishes the word’s meaning.

“If we can’t say these things,” Beck said, “our citizenship becomes an indictment, not an honor or a privilege. Now is the time that we have to start saying, ‘Bullcrap, no, that’s not true.’”

Watch Beck’s assessment of the Caitlyn Jenner situation …


Jenner’s alleged ‘bravery’ is at the heart of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award presented by ESPN.  Jenner will be awarded the ‘courage’ award, as opposed to other deserving athletes such as Lauren Hill who raised millions for cancer research by playing her first collegiate basketball game despite a rare and terminal form of brain cancer.

Is referring to Caitlyn Jenner as ‘brave’ or ‘courageous’ appropriate, or is it as Glenn Beck suggests – bullcrap?

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