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Glen Campbell’s Wife Released HORRIBLE News- Please PRAY!


We’re heartbroken to report the sad news about country legend Glen Campbell. Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease which is often even worse for the families than the person suffering from it.

It was recently revealed that Glen Campbell, known to his fans as the “Rhinestone Cowboy” is now officially in the 6th stage of Alzheimer’s. Without a cure, this level means he needs help with everything throughout the day- including going to the restroom and getting dressed. He can’t recognize the people around him, and he often acts out violently.

Glen Campbell has been married to Kim for more than three decades and they have five children. She brought him home to be with the family, but he was so combative that she was forced to move him to a full-time hospital facility. She knew that Glen – as we all know him – is gone.

Let us pray for Glen Campbell and his family. Glen needs our prayers and support, as he struggles with this disease. He is in God’s hands now.

Let us remember Glen with great hits such as the “Rhinestone Cowboy”:

And don’t forget “By The Time I Get To Phoenix”… SO beautiful!:

Please leave your thoughts and prayers for the Campbell family in the comments section (below). May God bless Glen Campbell.