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German Voters Send HUGE Message To Muslim Migrants


Germans are tired of open borders and being over-run by muslim migrants who are raping and destroying their country.

So in state-level elections today, they decided to do something about it!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative CDU party was humiliated in key regional elections on Sunday as voters delivered their verdict at the ballot box about her open-door refugee policies.
Exit poll results in three out of 16 German states foretell a wipeout in next year’s general election as the hard-right capitalized on public disquiet and altered the political landscape forever.

And the Alternative for Germany – AfD anti-immigrant party – garnered 12.5 percent of the votes, propelling a party that her supporters call ‘Nazis in pinstripes’ into the local parliament.
Leader Frauke Petry said: ‘We are seeing above all in these elections that voters are turning away in large numbers from the big established parties and voting for our party.
‘They expect us finally to be the opposition that there hasn’t been in the German parliament and some state parliaments.’
‘The people who voted for us voted against this refugee policy,’ added AfD deputy chairman Alexander Gauland.
‘We have a very clear position on the refugee issue: we do not want to take in any refugees,’ he declared.
Their success was even more prominent in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt where it scored a massive 23 percent.

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Germans are tired of being told that open borders and endless migration is good for them. They are fighting back to preserve their country and way of life!

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