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Geraldo Rips Trump Critics Who Questioned His $1 Million Harvey Pledge

Emma Colton on September 1, 2017

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera is “dismayed” by those who have questioned President Donald Trump’s generosity after he pledged $1 million of his own money to the Harvey relief fund.

“I was very dismayed that people are looking at his generosity and his compassion so skeptically,” Rivera told “Fox and Friends” Friday. “There has been some questions in the past on whether he timely, in a timely fashion honored his commitments. He always gets around to it. In this case, I certainly take him and Melania at their word. I’m glad they went to Texas, I’m glad they’re going back to Texas. And the fact that he’s pledging a million bucks, just congratulate him for his compassion rather than view something, an act of such kindness with a slanted view.”

Rivera said that the federal government improved on their response from Hurricane Katrina and said the differences are vast and noticeable.

“Having covered Katrina … it was obvious the federal government was doing nothing. FEMA was totally dysfunctional,” he said.  “From everything I can see … there is profound and very satisfying coordination between the federal government, state government, and the local governments.”

“By and large this has been a coordinated, very admirable every professional relief effort,” he concluded.

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