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Geraldo Rivera’s Son Arrested for Allegedly Biting, Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend

Geraldo Rivera son

Liberal Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera has announced through his attorney Arthur Aidala that he is “very disappointed” at his 30-year old son Cruz Rivera. Allegedly, Cruz was choking and biting Meghan Burke, his ex-girlfriend, after she dumped him. They had been a relationship for 9 years.

Geraldo’s attorney added, “The actions Cruz is accused of committing are not consistent with the young man the Rivera family loves and supports. Obviously, Geraldo is very disappointed and disturbed by these allegations.”

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Shamefully, Cruz Rivera was cracking jokes at the courthouse: “I hope I look good, guys,” he said with a smirk to reporters after being released without bail at a Wednesday afternoon Manhattan court hearing.

Geraldo Rivera son

The ex-girlfriend’s mom says Cruz is horrible and manipulative: “He’s insane, he’s a sociopath, he’s a real manipulator. Ever since she met him, we have tried too hard to counsel her against him. He’s not a good guy. This has been an ongoing thing…She’s been trying to stay away from him over the past year.”

The Daily News reports:

“Burke, who began dating Rivera back in 2009, visited his Washington Heights apartment on Tuesday evening to retrieve some of her personal items after their split, police sources said.

Rivera instead threw Burke down on his bed, wrapped both hands around the victim’s throat and began biting her hand and leg, according to police sources.

Rivera’s roommate dialed 911 once the choking commenced, and a neighbor described a loud argument followed by a woman screaming.”

According to reports, Cruz fathered 3 children with other women during their relationship. Rivera now faces charges of assault, aggravated harassment, criminal obstruction of breathing, attempted assault, and harassment.

Geraldo Rivera son

He was released after Burke refused to press charges against him. Stunningly, Burke has called Cruz to apologize and tell him she still loved him.

Geraldo says he’s not upset at his son and supports him “100%.”

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