Obama Takes a Hit in the Polls, George W.’s Numbers Rise

Former US President George W. Bush is now more popular than his successor Barack Obama, according to a CNN/ORC poll released Wednesday.

Obama’s poll numbers dropping, Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers dropping, and G.W. Bush numbers rising… Hmmm… Are we better off today than seven years ago? Certainly not safer, certainly making less, certainly seeing rising prices… More wars and upheaval since WWII, and Demo cities burning… Seems like the polls may finally reflect the reality of the demise of the greatest country in the world… Thanks for all the HOPE and Change!


The survey said 52 percent of Americans polled have a favorable opinion of the former Republican president who was in office between 2001 and 2009, while 49 percent share a similar feeling about the man currently in the White House.


You can already hear the Obama spin machine out there trying to reeducate the people about what a great job Obama has done. Truth of the matter is, Obama has destroyed everything good about America. It will take the next Republican president several years to fix the mistakes both at home and abroad that Obama’s failures have visited on our country.

I know it can be done, we just need to start implementing common sense policies that work for the people rather than for the government. Liberal policies have failed miserably and it is about time we admit the truth and stop spreading false stories like we never found WMD’s (which were found) or that Bush is to blame for any slight felt by the leftists in the world. Bush derangement syndrome is still alive today; the only problem is that more and more folks are starting to realize the falsehood behind the spin.

The difference between a decent, honest man whose policies you may not have agreed with, but was attacked endlessly by a biased “press,” versus an evil man, who intentionally divides, weakens, and harms America and  is protected by endless, slobbering propaganda is coming to light. It is encouraging that the endless propaganda of the left and their “press” hasn’t managed to keep the truth form the majority of people.


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