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VIDEO: George W. Bush Makes Subtle Jab at Obama… Most People Probably Missed This!

President George W. Bush has been in Irving, TX golfing with the Wounded Warriors. Unlike President Obama, even when Bush is golfing… he is doing so for a good reason.

Afterward, he sat down with Fox News’ Brian Killmeade to discuss the event, the possibility of another Bush running for President (Jeb!), and today’s global war on terrorism.

In between explaining how his 2007 predictions about ISIS and Iraq came true, and how great his brother is, Bush – who is always a class act – said he doesn’t miss Washington, D.C. but he does miss this…

I do miss saluting the men and women who have volunteered to serve this nation.

OUCH! That is a clear jab at Barack Obama for his recent ‘latte salute,’ in which Obama showed just how little he thinks of our brave Marines.

Bush is always careful about what he says about the White House, but even he couldn’t ignore Obama’s abhorrently disrespectful and elitist act. Well played, President Bush!

H/T: Daily Mail