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GENIUS! Cartoon Exposes The TRUTH About Obama’s Radical Bathroom Policy

transgender bathroom

Under Obama, ISIS terrorists roam free, Christians are threatened with jail if they don’t take part in gay “weddings,” and men are using the bathroom with little girls.

Even worse, we’re not allowed to talk about it, unless we want to be called “bigots.”

This cartoon PERFECTLY exposes how stupid and silly the transgender bathroom issue really is, and how dangerous it is:

transgender bathroom

There is no reason for men to be in the bathroom with little girls, unless its their daughter. Women and little girls deserve to be safe, not harassed by weirdos who want to use the girl’s restroom.

Obama and the radical left have declared all-out war on common sense and our traditional values. Hillary will be even worse. It’s time to fight back!

What do you think? Should strange men be using the bathroom with little girls? Let us know in the comments!