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Gary Sinise, a Patriot and Hollywood Hero, Earns Army’s Highest Civilian Award

Hollywood is full of far-left idiots who can’t stand President Donald Trump. These elitists don’t support our troops, and they’re out of touch with the rest of America.

A rare exception is Gary Sinise, a patriot and famous actor. Sinise is well-known to our troops for the tireless work the Gary Sinise Foundation does to ensure injured veterans and their families are taken care of. He has flown all over the world, entertaining our troops along with the USO. These service members are in harms way and exhausted from their duties, and Sinise is always there to entertain and lift their spirits.

Now, Gary Sinise has been selected for the Association of the United States Army’s highest award for public service: the George Catlett Marshall Medal! This is the highest honor a civilian can receive from the U.S. military.

This is well deserved, as this reporter explains:

Actor Gary Sinise is a well-known celebrity within the military community — and for good reason. His name has become synonymous with supporting the troops.

I’ve traveled across the United States, around the world, and back again. I made stops in several USO facilities along the way to find some refuge from the often-long travels. These facilities have a very welcoming vibe and are often a beacon of light for weary service members as they head to some very rough places in the world. The atmosphere is reminiscent of visiting a hometown after a long absence.

The volunteers of the USO seem to always be happy to greet the visitors that enter through the doors. Upon arrival, those associated with the military are offered snacks and refreshments.

Throughout my journeys, I’ve noticed that in almost every single facility that I have visited, an autographed photo of Gary Sinise is proudly displayed. A sincere message typically accompanies the photo. Sinise has been supporting military members and veterans for decades now. After his very heartfelt performance as Lt. Dan in the movie “Forrest Gump” — in which he played a severely wounded combat veteran — Sinise began working closely with wounded and disabled veterans.

Gary Sinise is a class act. He spends his time and fortune helping our troops and veterans, which is why this honor is well-deserved.

Thank you Gary for your service!

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