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FURIOUS Left-Wing Atheists FREAKED OUT at This Firehouse’s Sign! (So Angry!)

A Christmas-themed sign outside of a firehouse in Utica, New York, is at the center of the War on Christmas storm. Litigious atheists are furious, and are ready to take the battle over God and faith to court.

The sign which is on display at the Utica Fire Department Station 4, says “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS WE LOVE YOU” – a message that the Freedom From Religion Foundation is demanding be taken down, as it violates the so-called “separation of church and state.”


In a letter sent to Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri on December 10, the group once again made its case against the sign, calling it illegal “religious endorsement.” This follows a previous note that the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent to fire chief Russell Brooks in April 2014 after “a concerned area resident” reached out to the group.

This isn’t the first time Brooks has defended a pro-God sign, and he is not backing down!

“I was advised by the Thomas Law Center Center that we were well within our tights rights [sic] to display our Christmas sign,” he wrote in a response to the Freedom From Religion Foundation. “In addition, they would support us, as well as any efforts from any organizations looking to prevent us from doing so.”

Good for Brooks! Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season, and it’s acceptable for a community like Utica to express that.

No one should be offended at a friendly Christmas greeting. America’s laws are founded on Christian principles, and firefighters don’t give up their 1st Amendment rights when at work.

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H/T: The Blaze