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Several Marines Ill After Suspicious Letter Opened At Arlington Base

Amber Randall on February 27, 2018

A group of people became ill after someone opened a mysterious letter Tuesday sent to the Joint Base Fort Myer-Henderson Hall in Arlington, Va.

The Arlington County Fire Department said out of the eleven who became sick, three had to be taken to a hospital for treatment, reported CNN. A corporal, gunnery sergeant and a colonel reported having a burning feeling on their face and hands, according to Specialist Nicholas Hodges.

The letter, containing an “unknown substance,” reportedly arrived at Henderson Hall around 1 p.m. People who were there when the letter was opened reported having sore throats and not feeling well.

“An envelope containing an unknown substance was received, today, aboard Joint Base Ft.Myer-Henderson Hall. Personnel in the affected building took immediate preventative measures by evacuating the building,” a U.S. Marine Corps spokesperson said.

The base is working with HAZMAT teams and the FBI to investigate the situation. Those taken to the hospital are currently in stable condition.

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