Ivory Hecker, a reporter for Fox 26 in Houston, stunned viewers and her colleagues when she informed the network during a live on-air broadcast that she has secretly been recording evidence of the parent company Fox Corporation “muzzling” her.

Hecker had a Monday broadcast turned over to her on-location where she was poised to report on a heatwave in the area.

Before she got to her report, she notified viewers and her employer that some revelations are coming.

“Before we get to that story I want to let you, the viewers, know that Fox Corp. has been muzzling me to keep certain information from you, the viewers, and from what I am gathering I am not the only reporter being subjected to this,” she alleged.

“I am going to be releasing some recordings about what goes on behind the scenes at Fox because it applies to you, the viewers.”

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Reporter Ivory Hecker Accuses Fox Of ‘Muzzling’ Her

Ivory Hecker indicated she had been collaborating with conservative investigative journalism watchdog, Project Veritas, and warned that they’d be putting out evidence of her accusations on Tuesday, before promptly diving right back into the heatwave story.

Project Veritas, which has been permanently banned by Twitter for supposed violations of its private information policy, has given no indication thus far of what the “muzzling” of the reporter might entail.

They did post a video of Hecker’s shocking segment on Facebook, however.

Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec also posted an image of Hecker sitting for a conversation with Project Veritas Founder, James O’Keefe.

“You won’t believe what’s coming,” Posobiec captions the image.

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What Is Being Muzzled?

Without much information available, it’s difficult to speculate what Ivory Hecker is referring to when she says Fox has been “muzzling” her.

Hecker’s video immediately reminded me of a past incident involving some Fox syndicates. 

In 2018, dozens of reporters associated with Sinclair Broadcast Group recorded a speech mandated by the company that warned against “biased and false news.”

“Sinclair required local anchors to record promos where they denounce ‘the troubling trend of irresponsible, one-sided news stories plaguing our country,'” NPR reported.

An assertion that is accurate yet simultaneously ironic since Sinclair was making reporters record the statement.

The Houston Chronicle indicates that Project Veritas has confirmed receipt of recordings from reporter Ivory Hecker concerning the alleged ‘muzzling.’

They plan to release those recordings on Tuesday night.

“Besides interviewing the reporter about her claims of corruption related to Fox, Project Veritas said it will also publish some of Hecker’s recordings and videos that she says backs up her allegations,” the Daily Beast reports.

Hecker, who is a general assignment reporter, commented briefly on the matter with Newsweek, stating the dispute with Fox “had taken a dark turn last August” regarding an interview with an unnamed individual that she says was censored.

“They decided they didn’t like what the interview subject had said, and they went on to internally harass and defame me,” Hecker claimed.

“I knew I was not working for a journalistic organization when I was called into an HR meeting in December and was told to keep my support for free speech and opposition to censorship to myself—that those were not matters to be publicly spoken about.”


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