Fox News’ Lara Logan Eviscerates Biden For ‘Basically Condemning American Citizens And Our Allies To Our Death’ In Afghanistan

Lara Logan Biden

Fox News host Lara Logan fired back at President Joe Biden on Tuesday after he caved to the Taliban and agreed not to extend the August 31st deadline to remove all US forces from Afghanistan.

Lara Logan Sounds Off 

“What President Biden is doing is basically condemning American citizens to death in Afghanistan. He is condemning our American allies to death in Afghanistan … you start to feel like you are in the twilight zone, Harris,” Logan told her fellow host Fox News Harris Faulkner.

“Can you imagine the deputy commander of the Taliban, the head of the Haqqani Network, Siraj Haqqani,” she added. “They are the Afghan al Qaeda. He swore allegiance, loyalty to Osama bin Laden. Haqqani’s manifesto, that he released more than a decade ago, is exactly al Qaeda’s manifesto.”

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This comes a day after Logan talked to Tucker Carlson about why the government is saying “no one predicted” the fall of the Afghan government.

Logan Doubles Down

“The intelligence agencies failed to see this? Seriously? The NSA is known as the crown jewel of intelligence collection in the world,” she said. “There isn’t a digital signature in existence that they don’t collect and store and analyze… The idea that they missed this… Do you have any idea what it takes to do an invasion like this?”

“It is as ridiculous as believing that Ahmed Chalabi, some Iranian refugee in the U.S., persuaded the U.S. government to go to war… I mean, that’s literally our narrative on the Iraq War. Seriously?” Logan continued. “We get so caught up in the weeds of this.”

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“They want you to believe Afghanistan is complicated. Because if you complicate it, it is a tactic in information warfare called ‘ambiguity increasing,'” she said. “So now we’re talking about all the corruption and this and that… But at its heart, every single thing in the world… always comes down to one or two things.”

“And in this case, Afghanistan, it comes down to the fact that the United States wants this outcome,” she concluded.

Check out Logan’s full interview with Carlson below.

This piece was written by James Samson on August 25, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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