Fox News Just Received TERRIBLE News – TRUMP IS SMILING!

Rumor has it that the corporate employees of Fox News are panicking… and so is the GOP… after they learned this!

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren polled her millions of viewers if they will watch the Republican GOP debate on Fox News, after conservative billionaire Donald Trump decided to pull out of it.

As the numbers stand now, almost 87% of her viewers— many of whom are likely Republican primary voters — will not watch the debate at all!

That means millions of lost ad dollars for Fox News, and millions of voters who would rather watch anything else than a debate without Donald J. Trump.

Below is a screen capture of the poll results. Trump has to be smiling now:

This is what happens when Fox News tries to mess with Trump. A successful leader in business, he’s not playing games and is ready to fight for America’s future.

Clearly, this poll shows why Trump is breaking records by leading every Republican primary poll! The political establishment at the RNC cannot be happy about this result.

Will you watch the debate tomorrow? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think.

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  • The poll didn't ask how many of these people were gonna watch the debate BEFORE Trump backed out. Also it is well known that trolls are skewing any information wherever they can!! And as far as bashing Fox, what alternative is there for conservatives....NBC?? CBS? MSNBC?? At least Fox lets both sides voice their opinions!

  • I have been an avid Fox News viewer for 15 years. I have LOVED Megyn Kelly. I was totally shocked and appalled watching the last debate! Clearly - there was an agenda. I was equally shocked that Chris Wallace and Bret Bair, who I also perceived as "fair and balanced" were part of the circus. I completely STOPPED watching Fox News. I watched both FoxBusiness debates and I thought they were GREAT!

    I do not blame Trump at all for wanting to stay away from this one. I have since seen clips of Megyn Kelly and she comes across as egotistical and snarky - NOT fair and balanced. If that's the type of show she wants to have - fine - but she shouldn't be a moderator. They should have gotten Greta. I would have watched it then.

    NO - I will NOT be watching the debate. I feel sorry for Bret Bair that he has to be there.

  • Fox news planned to ambush Trump with Illigal Aliens and Muslims in the crowd to ask unfair questions of him no doubt. As for watching the debate, I have never been a fan of mainstream media and there state propaganda agenda. So have been watching it threw infowars.com Trump seen it was a bad deal to make a network millions at the cost of them making him look like a fool so it was a bad deal and he walked, yet people say "Oh the voters want to get to know the candidates" Horse crap people already know who they are voting for and you damn sure don't need to get to know them threw mainstream media when there is a ton of other avenues to do that.


  • Megyn Kelly has turned me off in the previous debate-and exposed FOX News as being just like the other Main Stream Media,just leaning slightly to the right;yet Trump will be vilified for "wanting to call the shots" (as a leader understandably should). Where is it written that the MEDIA always calls the shots. This is a power-play,with Trump winning.I'm not a Trump supporter,but this will turn out to be one of his better moves... NO, I will not watch FOX News for this debate..

  • When I found out Trump was skipping the debate I got Mercer Bears basketball tickets and will enjoy the game tonight.

  • No I won't watch it without Trump! I hope the illegal Mexican gets arrested tonight on camera to prove that there is a problem with these criminals! Come here illegally and you are breaking the law, which in turn means you are a law breaker and that in America equals to be a criminal or career politician!

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