Fox News’ Jesse Watters Confronts San Francisco Officials about Sanctuary Cities, Murder


Jesse Watters, who does a segment on The O’Reilly Factor that is usually full of laughs, got very serious yesterday and confronted San Francisco officials over the ‘sanctuary city’ policies that allowed an illegal immigrant to avoid federal detection, and eventually led to the murder of an innocent woman.

Watters went directly to the Mayor’s office but was rebuffed in his efforts to get an interview with Ed Lee. He did manage to speak with Lee’s Communications Director Christine Falvey.

The intense exchange eventually led to Watters asking Falvey, “How many dead people does it take” to get them to change their liberal sanctuary city policies?

Watch the entire confrontation between Watters, the Myor’s office, and city officials below …

Watters later spoke with O’Reilly about his effort to get answers from San Francisco officials. He said that even when he was holding up pictures of the victim, Kate Steinle, nobody would show emotion, concern, or even make eye contact.

“I honestly think the supervisors feel like this is just the cost of doing business in a sanctuary city and if a few people die if they’re going to pander to the Latino vote, so be it,” Watters said.

“They actually spent more time during the hearing talking about banning alcohol from Starbucks, than they did actually addressing sanctuary city policies.”

Watters also showed viewers a letter left at the site where Steinle was murdered. It read, “We are so sorry that our readers are vile and corrupt, we cherish your life and memory.”

It was signed, ‘Americans.’

It’s a sad commentary when liberal officials are more concerned with ‘doing business’ and ‘pandering to the Latino vote’ than they are with protecting Americans, both natural born or legal immigrants.

What do you think of San Francisco’s liberal sanctuary city policies that allowed an illegal immigrant to murder an innocent woman?

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