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Fox News Reporter James Rosen Left Network After Sexual Harassment Allegations

Compared to other high-profile Fox News stars, this story isn’t getting much coverage, even though coverage is warranted.

Last month, Fox News reporter James Rosen quietly left the network with little fanfare. A regular on many popular Fox shows, Rosen’s departure came just before Christmas when the network pulled back on a lot of breaking coverage to account for Americans enjoying the holiday season.

Just after New Year’s Day, Rosen sent out the following message:

There was still no explanation for his sudden leaving of the network.

Now, we’re just learning the real reason why Rosen really left Fox News. It turns out he had no choice in the matter.

National Public Radio broke the news:

According to Rosen’s former colleagues, however, he had an established pattern of flirting aggressively with many peers and had made sexual advances toward three female Fox News journalists, including two reporters and a producer. And his departure followed increased scrutiny of his behavior at the network, according to colleagues.

This is very unfortunate news. Rosen was a favorite in the journalism industry. Unlike other Fox personalities who wear their ideology on their sleeves, Rosen was a straight-laced reporter. His job was to report the facts – not express an opinion.

This behavior, if true, was very unbecoming of a professional like Rosen.

If you remember, Rosen and his family were the victim of unlawful surveillance during the Obama Administration. Rosen was targeted over suspected leaking from people inside the federal government. Rosen was never charged with anything, but it sent a chill down the spine of the D.C. press corps.

Rosen joins the list of Fox News stars pushed out of the network for sexual impropriety. Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, and Eric Bolling were pushed out of the network over the last two years due to their

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