Fox News Host Presses Kellyanne Conway Over 33 Percent Of Republicans Thinking Trump Tweet Was Over The Line

Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner pressed White House adviser Kellyanne Conway HARD over the amount of Republicans who claim not to be happy with President Donald Trump’s recent tweets against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib to “go back” where they came from (all four are American citizens, three were born in the country).

The media has been playing into the narrative that Trump’s tweets were racist for the last couple of weeks. The #RadicalFour have been trying to push the racist narrative against Trump in hopes to peck at his voter base and damage his credibility.

Faulkner seemed as if she wasn’t interested in what Conway had to say, she wanted an answer to her question. New Fox polling data claims most voters, including 73 percent of non-whites, don’t think Trump respects racial minorities. Faulkner noted, in particular, 33 percent of Republicans polled think Trump “crossed the line” earlier this month.

When Faulkner pressed Conway on this data, Conway quickly deflected to go after AOC and her anti-Semitic views. Faulkner eventually brought the poll back up.


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Faulkner: “About a third, 33% of Republicans, are also saying that the president went over the line. What do you say about that?”

Conway: “The president’s point is that Americans and certainly people who swear an oath to office should love this country and stop attacking this country. They have lost complete moral authority to talk about [the border crisis].”

Faulkner: “I get that, but 33% of Republicans against something the president does is a big number.”

Conway: “They may not like the tweets, but they love the fact is president is presiding over the greatest economy, that he stands up for the flag, the military, the veterans.”

How many of you believe Trump’s tweet against AOC and the #RadicalFour went over the line?

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