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Four Of The Top POTUS Candidates Are Planning To Spend A Grand Total Of Nearly $26 Trillion On Fighting Climate Change

Chris White on September 3, 2019

Four of the top Democrats running for president in 2020 are planning on plowing trillions of dollars into fighting climate change even as reports suggest such lofty plans could hurt them ahead of the election.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, businessman Andrew Yang, along with Sens. Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders, are slated to plow roughly $26 trillion into climate change mitigation. Biden believes $1.7 trillion will cover the cost needed to transition the U.S. away from fossil fuels, while Sanders’s plan is loftier: The Vermont senator wants to spend $16.3 trillion on addressing global warming.

Yang’s goal, which he announced in an Aug. 26 post on his website that spanned 11,000 words, would cost $4.9 trillion. Booker, a New Jersey Democrat, unveiled his $3 trillion climate change plan Tuesday, which promises to expand green energy, phase out the use of fossil fuels and create a 100% carbon neutral economy by 2045.

The four men are expected to fine tune their climate message during a Sept. 4 CNN town hall.

Biden wants to eliminate hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and coal production, institute a carbon tax, place a ban on new fossil fuel permits on public lands, and work for a ban on fossil fuel subsidies. He would also require companies to disclose their climate risks and emissions to induce investors to move their money out of fossil fuel companies, media reports show.

Sanders, for his part, is a co-sponsor of the Green New Deal (GND), a piece of legislation proposed in 2019 that called for “10-year national mobilizations” toward a series of goals aimed at fighting global warming. Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York was one of the chief proponents of the GND before Republicans and Democrats voted against the legislation on March 26.

Studies suggest such plans are destined to wreak havoc on the economy.

Eliminating fossil fuels and transitioning to a 100% renewable electric grid could cost as much as $5.2 trillion over two decades, according to a 2010 study by the conservative Heritage Foundation. That’s about $218 billion to move the grid away from coal and natural gas.

Not every Democrat is on board with moving pell-mell away from fossil fuels. Many mainstream Democrats are hesitant, especially those who remember the party’s failed carbon tax experiment in 2010, which ultimately helped thrust them into a political wasteland after the GOP won both houses of Congress that year.

“My district is very worried that Democrats are lurching to the left,” Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin of Michigan told Politico, referring to what she believes is Democrats’ willingness to embrace an all-or-nothing position on climate change. “I know AOC’s face will be on every ad against me in 2020.”

Slotkin added: “I’m a pragmatist, and I represent a lot of pragmatic people,” said Slotkin. “Why say we need massive social change to reduce emissions? How does that build consensus?” She questions why Democrats like Sanders and Booker believe universal health care and a federal job guarantee should be included in discussions about how to approach climate policies.

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  • Out of 26 Million spent in proposed Climate Change, 25.9 Million will be stolen by Democrat Politicians like Al Gore, the liar and crook, did.

  • Don't be fooled , Climate Change is about having an excuse to tax American citizens into oblivion and pad the pockets of the democrat elite , that's all it is.

  • Al Gore said NYC would be underwater by the year 2014 .

    The ONLY scientists that say Climate Change is a threat are the bought and paid for scientists , the majority of real scientists around the world including the top Weather channel scientists insist it's a scam .

  • Enough already!!! 26 TRILLION DOLLARS??! THAT is insane. We've been doing the right thing for many decades. If ALL the other countries DON'T do at least as much as we do, it is ALL in fain. 26 TRILLION down the drain, and THAT is NOT chicken feed!! As usual, they will expect the USA to pay the biggest amount and we've been doing right all along.

  • Sure they like spending other peoples money for something that is a complete FRAUD.Just like the Trump investigation.

  • This idea of spending our tax payer's money to stop climate change is the biggest joke and total waste. We can't buy our way out of the climate changing. We will be giving our money away to other countries for them to lie to everyone and won't do a thing to help our climate. The Dems answer to everything is give them our money or to throw money at the problem. No solutions. It is a money grab.

  • It is bad enough that NY governor Cuomo will not allow fracking when we share a great supply of natural gas with Pennsylvania who is using it. The governor also plans on shutting down the Indian point nuclear plant which supplies 25 % of NY City's electricity. New York is not California. We have severe winters. Both clean burning natural gas and nuclear power are the best answer to fossil fuels outside of wind and solar which are dependent on the weather and require vast amounts of space to operate. Obama already wasted tax payer money on climate change projects such as Solyndra which contributed to his doubling the national debt. And now those who wish to succeed him would create more Solyndras and would surely bankrupt the nation.

  • Assuminbg that any of the liberl dem bloodsucking parsites make it through the first day of the inevitable civil war

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