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French Authorities Arrest Four Planning On Suicide Bombing Paris

Today French authorities arrested four people including a 16 year old girl, who were planning a suicide bombing attack in Paris.

Explosives and computer equipment were discovered in a makeshift laboratory at one of the suspects’ homes, according to the Paris prosecutor’s office.

It said around 70 grams of the explosive TATP were found, as well as other bomb-making materials.

France has faced several massive terror attacks in Paris and elsewhere in the last few years. Nearly all of them are tied to ISIS and the massive migrant issue caused by the Islamic State’s destruction of Iraq and Syria.

This is the kind of threat President Trump talked about when he enacted his anti-terror immigration orders. Dozens of convicted terrorists have come from these seven unstable countries.

Radical Islam is a disgusting virus that can infect anyone, even a teenage girl. This is why this order has to be applied to all, even women and children. If we are going to be serious about fighting terrorism, we can’t let political correctness and the risk of hurting someone’s feelings get in the way.

We have to continue to make this country safe from radical Islamic terror. That means beefing up our security procedures and making sure those who want to do us harm are kept out!

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