In Major League Baseball (MLB), center-fielder Los Angeles Dodgers Rick Monday had an extraordinary career: two all-star appearances, 241 home runs, and 775 runs.

But today – forty years ago – he made the greatest play in MLB history. You have to watch this!

Talking place on April 25, 1776, far-left protesters jumped onto the field and tried to soak an American flag with lighter fluid before lighting it on fire.

But at the last moment, Monday saved the day!

As he explained (below), “If you’re going to burn the flag, don’t do it around me. I’ve been to too many veterans’ hospitals and seen too many broken bodies of guys who tried to protect it.”

You have to watch this legendary moment:

The American flag represents the sacrifice of millions of Americans who fought and died for our freedom. It deserves our respect! Don’t you wish all celebrities were patriots, just like Rick Monday?

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