Former Super Bowl Champ: NFL Being Hijacked By Marxists and Socialists

A former Super Bowl champion with the Oakland Raiders ripped into anti-American ‘citizen of the year‘ Colin Kaepernick, and claimed the NFL is being hijacked by Marxists.

And with the league’s pivot to allowing a platform of perceived ‘social justice’ during their games, who could argue?

Burgess Owens, who played free safety for the Raiders 1980 Super Bowl XV championship team, pulled no punches in blasting Kaepernick and the NFL for allowing the anthem-kneeling antics to continue.

“The mistake was made a year ago, when they allowed a Marxist to take the reins of their organization … Colin Kaepernick,” Owens said during a Fox Business interview. “At the end of the day, that’s what we’re up against.”


Owens essentially claimed Kaepernick doesn’t have the mindset, or the mind, to carry the mantra of social justice for the NFL in the first place.

“Kaepernick is not articulate enough to talk about the issues,” he said without a hint of jest.

“Successful, articulate, independent proud black Americans are not the narrative in the black community today.”


Owens then articulated that Kaepernick doesn’t emulate the attributes of pride or courage.

“Real pride, real courage is really standing for principles,” he said.

He added that the anti-American, anti-police, and anti-military protests have ushered in the demise of the NFL, despite owners like Jerry Jones seeing that it is damaging business.

“Unfortunately, we have NFL [team owners] who understand business and yet, for some reason they allowed their brand to be damaged this way,” Owens said. “And it’s going to continue. We’re going through a sea change right now with people thinking differently now about the NFL.”

He finished by hammering the Democrat party for preying on the black community in general.

“[The enemy] is not each other,” Owens revealed. “It’s Marxist, liberal Democrats who use my race to get power.”

Do you agree that the NFL is being brought down by Marxists like Colin Kaepernick? And do you agree that the black community is being brought down by liberal Democrats? Share your thoughts below!

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